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Marie Sherwood - De-stress Your Children and Your Life $
Marie Sherwood -Socialization: Fact or Fiction? $
Bonnie Landry- Educating Kids Without Carrots or Sticks $
Natalie Sing - New Homeschooler Workshop $
April McLeod- Jesus in Jeans $
Steve Codling- Teaching First Nations Culture- An Outsider $
Whats really going on inside an ADHD Brian? Dan Duncan $
Patrick Nurre- Dinosaur Hunter $
Richard Snyder - How to communicate on a heart level $
Dan Duncan- Models for Building ADHD Strategies $
Marie Sherwood - Electronic Screen Syndrome $
Bonnie Landry - How to Read a Book $
Rebecca Spooner - How to Choose Curriculum $
Homeschooling the Early Years $
New BC Curriculum and Essential Questions $
Carol Lau - What is the overview, diagnosis and treatment CAPD (Central Auditory Process Disorder)? $
Marie Sherwood - Rewriting Our DNA $
Bonnie Landry - Homeschooling, simplified: What matters Most $
Dianne Geerlinks - Beyond Memorization - The Importance of Critical of Thinking $
Steve Codling - Getting Your Children Ready for the Grad Program in Grades 7-9 $
Keynote - Teaching our Children the Value of Quiet, Dave & Melissa McVety $
Keynote: Dave and Melissa McVety - Rules - Relationship = Rebellion $
David and Melissa McVety - Confidence: Building greater security in your kids $
Sarah Zuidhof - Inside a Charlotte Mason Home School $
Rebecca Spooner - Discover your Child $
Mandi Sharkey- A Natural Approach to Learning: Using Collaborative Problem Solving and Natural Play $
Richard Synder - 5 Essential Tools for me to disciple your kids. $
GERALD HUEBNER HSLDA -The Battle for the Freedom to Choose Home Education $
Rebecca Spooner - How to Teach Multiple Ages at Once $
Melissa McVety - Letting go of the Reins $
Sarah Zuidhof: Nature Journals and Book of Centuries $
Teresa Stewart - I Only Twitch Occasionally.... $

Catherine Lisimaque - Critical thinking and Media Literacy for kids $
Dan Duncan- Whats Really Going on Inside an ADHD Brain SE $
2016 and 2017 Complete set $
2017 Set $
2015 and 2016 Complete Set Combo $
2016 all recorded sessions $
Total $