Each year, CHEC speakers inspire parents to excellence in their home education journey.

Our speakers cover a wide range of topics from curriculum choices to special education and worldview.

Session Speakers

Shandra Wiebe

Shandra Wiebe | HCOS

I have homeschooled for 16 years, dealing with children who have dyslexia, allergies and chronic illness along the way. While on this journey I have tried many different curricula and methods, eventually finding what works for each child. The joy of learning alongside my children has been an incredible privilege.  In 2007, I started working as the HCOS Librarian. Today, the school has grown considerably and so has the library! We are now part of the Heritage Christian Schools Learning Commons - an integrated library for both the campus and online schools. The purpose of the Learning Commons is to meet the needs of both homeschooling and campus families by offering quality resources from a Christian perspective. I enjoy serving the moms and dads who e-mail, call or drop in looking for information and helping them find the books and kits that will inspire them and their children. Be sure to "drop-in" and browse in person or browse the L4U library catalog online!


  • HCOS Learning Commons 101