Each year, CHEC speakers inspire parents to excellence in their home education journey.

Our speakers cover a wide range of topics from curriculum choices to special education and worldview.

Session Speakers

Sandy Baldwin

Sandy Baldwin | Heritage Christian School

I have been a Primary (K- 2) teacher for over 25 years and have taught in both public and private schools. I also spent a year teaching English in Japan. I am currently teaching Kindergarten part-time at Heritage Christian School in Kelowna, BC. In our classroom, we love to integrate our work with singing, creative movement, art, play, and hands-on exploration. I enjoy being a pastor's wife and the mom of two married daughters. I also love hiking, writing curriculum, and songwriting. My album, In the Light, was chosen as one of 5 nominees for Children's Album of the Year at the Gospel Music Association of Canada's 2015 Covenant Awards.


  • Kinesthetic Learning for PreK - Grade One

Steve Bastian

Steve Bastian | HCOS

I'm a homeschool graduate who went on to get my psychology and education degrees and God led me to HCOS. I recognize in myself that I learn well with hands on projects. With over 15 years of teaching experience, I've seen how many students don't fit the 'normal box' but do great with project-based, hands-on learning. It is with this mindset that I seek to teach project-based learning camps that engage our students while providing an enjoyable time of learning.


  • Project-Based Learning - Don't be afraid of technology!

Josh Brown

Josh Brown | Trinity Western University |

Josh Brown is a Senior Admissions Counsellor at Trinity Western University and works directly with homeschool families in the transition to university. As a part-time Youth Pastor at his church and Board Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship of BC, his passion is to inspire young people to encounter the truth of Christ and develop a thoroughly Christian worldview through education. He lives in Langley with his wife and two daughters.


  • Developing a Christian Worldview: The Liberal Arts Journey.

Steve Codling

Steve Codling | HCOS

Steve has worked for HCOS for more than a decade and has a holistic perspective on homeschooling since he's helped homeschool his own 4 kids, worked as a full-time K-9 support teacher, taught Music courses in the Grad Program, and helped with Administration at both K-9 and Grad Program levels. One of his biggest passions is modular synthesis, and the ability to share this knowledge without it costing hundreds of dollars is extremely exciting!


  • Build Your Own Synthesizer, for FREE!
  • New to Homeschooling

Pippa Davies

Pippa Davies | HCOS

Pippa Davies is the director of the HCOS learning commons, wife to John, Mama to three adults, and Nana to two grandchildren. She has been with HCOS since inception, and has loved the journey homeschooling her son who is now 22. Pippa loves sharing on all things literacy and inquiry to encourage our students to become passionate researchers, makers, and 21st century collaborators.


  • Discover HCOS Learning Commons Digital Resources!

Dan Duncan

Dan Duncan | ADHD Inside Out |

Dan Duncan is an adult diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), a father of someone with ADHD, and an ADHD Coach, Consultant, and Academic Strategist. Dan’s presentations are sought out in school districts across BC, and all CEAs in the Central Okanagan District are required to take his full day seminar on ADHD. Dan himself spent time in a home learning environment and saw the direct successes and improvement with his academics. His focus is on educating families, individuals, and organizations on the topic of ADHD and developing strategies to be successful. You can see comments from educators and parents on his website at www.adhdinsideout.com/presentations/school.html.


  • What's Really Going on Inside an ADHD Brain?
  • Models for Building ADHD Strategies
  • ADHD: Let's Get Real!

Dawna Ferguson

Dawna Ferguson | Classical Conversations

Dawna has a passion for helping parents “go the distance” in home educating their children. Along with her husband, she has been home educating their seven children for 25 years - the last 4 years with Classical Conversations. They believe this model helps parents prepare their children to stand firm in the Lord and enter the world as a light for Christ when they leave home as adults. Dawna is a Support Representative for Classical Conversations, overseeing the leaders and communities in western Canada. Dawna and her family currently live in Calgary, Alberta.


  • Classical Education

Robyn Friberg

Robyn Friberg | HCOS

Robyn has been an elementary school teacher for 13 years and has taught in public, private, and DL schools. She is currently an Individualized Support Teacher with HCOS and is homeschooling her two boys, Bryden and Rowan. Robyn is passionate about her relationship with God and out of that, seeking right relationships with others. Through a biblical perspective on relational role responsibilities, she has experienced significant growth in her relationships with her children and this has resulted in homeschooling success! Robyn desires to share what she has learned through her experiences in hopes of helping others just as God has helped her.


  • Right Relationships for the Homeschool Environment

Diane Geerlinks

Diane Geerlinks | National Institute for Learning Development |

Diane Geerlinks is a Certified Educational Therapist, Co-Director of NILD Canada (National Institute for Learning Development) and operates GeerLINKS Learning Centre. She is a motivational speaker and brings her 23 years of home educating her own 5 children to each session. She is passionate about finding new ways to help ALL kids learn.


  • The Adventure of Home Education
  • Better Late Than Early, Or Better Early Than Late?
  • Movement and the Brain - Move More, Learn More
  • It's All About the Eyes and Ears!

Alisha Hadley

Alisha Hadley | HCOS

I taught for 20 years at Comox Valley Christian School and Lighthouse Christian Academy at all grade levels and most subject areas, and loved my career! I developed an amazing virtual world French and Spanish program with Heritage Christian Online School and have taught it for the past three years, and love my career! I recently joined the Curriculum Development Department with HCOS to help develop amazing online courses, and did I mention...I love my career! In addition to a career and ministry that I am passionate about, my husband and I have two amazing children: Emily, who graduated from Heritage in 2017 and is now a full-time student at UVIC; and Nathan, who is in grade eleven full-time with Heritage. We live on a beautiful little lake on the outskirts of Victoria where we work hard, play hard, serve hard, and strive to glorify God by praising him with joy in all aspects of our lives.


  • Intro to HCOS Online Courses & the New BC Ed Plan
  • Project-Based Learning - It Starts at Home!

Niki Hildebrandt

Niki Hildebrandt | HCOS

I love teaching and supporting families in their home educating journeys. I feel called as a Christian teacher and believe that God has blessed me to be involved in Christian schools. I am passionate about Christian education and feel that we have such an opportunity to speak over the children in our province and teach them from a Biblical perspective.


  • Report Writing for Early Writers
  • Teaching Art at Home

Bruce Hildebrandt

Bruce Hildebrandt | HCOS

Bruce grew up in Alberta exploring his grandparent's farm and enjoying the freedom of living in a small town. As the son of two teachers, learning was something that happened everywhere and all of the time, not just in a classroom. After graduating from the Peace River Bible Institute, he completed his Ed degree at the University of Alberta, and his Masters of Ed through Gonzaga University.

Bruce has taught grades four through nine over the course of 28 years. He has worked with HCOS since 2008 and is currently in his fourth year as Principal of K-9. God has blessed him with a beautiful wife, an amazing family, and wonderful friends. Bruce loves the adventure of a life with Jesus. He’s had the privilege of helping to plant a church, lead worship internationally, mentor teachers, write and record music, take teams of teens to Africa for short-term missions, climb volcanoes, and hike to stunningly beautiful places where the hand of God cannot be ignored.


  • Teaching Children to Write the Easy Way (Grades 5-9 )
  • Smart Phones and Social Media: What Every Parent Should Know

Clarence Janzen

Clarence Janzen | Creation Ministries International |

For more than 20 years, Clarence has been a high school teacher in the private sector, with a focus in Biology and Chemistry at the senior level. Prior to becoming a teacher, Clarence worked as a journeyman electrician for 11 years, specializing in telecommunications. Clarence was raised in a Christian home and was faithfully committed to their home church while growing up. While attending trade school, at the age of 19 years, Clarence re-dedicated his life to love and serve God. Clarence has always believed in a literal 6-day creation because the inerrant Word of God was taught and modelled in his life from a very young age. However, within his first 10 years of teaching, Clarence soon realized that many 'churched' adults did not adhere to the authority of scripture, and instead, believed in a variety of theologies concerning creation. This conflict has devastating results for both adults and our youth. Clarence has a passion for teaching and it is his desire to combine his love for science and the Word of God, and to teach as many adults and youth, that science really does prove that the Bible is infallible. Clarence and his wife, Dawn, live in British Columbia. They have five grown children (4 sons, 1 daughter) and 1 terrific son-in-law. They have a deep desire to serve God together, teaching the importance of believing in a literal creation from the book of Genesis, right from the very first verse.


  • Christianity at a Crossroads
  • Equipping the Saints

Leana Kratko

Leana Kratko | Right Start Math |

Leana and her husband started homeschooling 9 years ago. When they first decided to homeschool, they attended a local Homeschool Conference with a goal of finding a math curriculum they liked. After much research, they settled on RightStart and haven’t gone back. One of the greatest parts of teaching with RightStart for Leana is that, even though she did fairly well in math herself, she is learning things with her kids and is really understanding math. She has also been able to watch how each of her 4 daughters has benefited from RightStart even with their different personalities and learning styles. With her oldest just finishing level G, she loves watching the critical thinking that has come from RightStart show itself in higher level maths and even other subjects. Leana and her family live in Calgary, AB. When she’s not teaching her girls she can be found outside somewhere shooting archery, camping, gardening, snowshoeing… whatever the weather allows.


  • Building a Solid Math Foundation

Andria Lengkeek

Andria Lengkeek | HCOS

Andria Lengkeek, B.Sc. B.Ed., has been teaching for 21 years and has been a teacher with Heritage Christian Online School since 2009. While her degree is in Chemistry and her first love is science and math, Andria enjoys teaching children of all ages to love learning, make connections with the content and each other through group learning, and especially, to appreciate the complexities and beauty of God's world. She is the coordinator of Abbotsford Community Connections, administrator of Learning Groups in the Lower Mainland, and an individualized support teacher. Most importantly, she is Jerome's wife and mom to six girls: Emily, Esther, Bethany, Alicia, Kristen, and Sophia.


  • Beyond Bookwork to Making Connections and Critical Thinking

Catherine Lisimaque

Catherine Lisimaque | HCOS

As a homeschooling mom of 3 and teacher, I have been working on developing a Growth Mindset with my own kids and students for the past couple of years. I am passionate about the French language, nature, church community, and lifelong learning!


  • Teaching Your child: Everyone Can Learn Through Picture Books!

Lila Mandziuk

Lila Mandziuk |

I graduated in 1990 with Distinction from the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine in Occupational Therapy from the University of Alberta. I immediately dove into Pediatrics and lived and worked in Chicago working with some of the most complex children I have ever seen in my 28 years of OT. While there, I focused on attaining courses to advance my clinical skills in Neurodevelopmental Treatment as well as Sensory Integration Therapy Training. After returning to Canada, I was so privileged to carry on with the Pediatric work I loved. I worked initially at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Victoria and later moved to the Nanaimo Child Development Center. After 10 years in large centers, I decided to develop my own small clinical practice which has continued to be a source of education as I learn from so many wonderful families, specialists and most of all special children.


  • Developing Clumsy to Dexterous Part I: Developmental Coordination Disorder
  • Developing Clumsy to Dexterous Part II: Developmental Coordination Disorder

Lara Merz

Lara Merz | HCOS

Bruce and Lara Merz have been Online Grad teachers with HCOS for the last 7 years. They have been teaching for a combined 3 decades in the public, private, post-secondary, and international sectors, and have been homeschooling their own kiddos for the last two years. They are passionate about Christian Home Education, missions, and travel. After Bruce’s scary brush with death a few years ago they decided to focus on family and spent the last year road-schooling with their three adventurous children through fourteen states/provinces around North America, three months in South Africa, and a month road tripping through Europe. In their spare time, they enjoy buying tiny toiletries, packing their suitcases, stalking google flights, and planning the next adventure!


  • Roadschooling: How to Create a Learning Environment While Travelling

Allison Milles

Allison Milles | HCOS

Allison Miles has been working in the educational field for 18 years with a focus on special education for over 9 years. As a mother to a special needs child, she developed compassion for families navigating educational options for their children. Allison assists families to create a comprehensive plan for graduation to include transitions into adulthood.


  • Navigating the Grad Program for SE/LS Students

Vance Nelson

Vance Nelson | Untold Secrets of Planet Earth Publishing Company Inc. |

Vance was born into a non-Christian household in Manitoba, Canada in 1973. He is the youngest of three boys. Vance went through life like many in our world today, without the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Living for himself without any real hope or purpose in life, Vance struggled through high school trying to fill an obvious void in his life with anything he could find. Nothing seemed to suffice. At age nineteen, Vance accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, and started on a new journey to tell his old friends about the one who created them — Jesus. Vance developed an unending passion to tell people about the God of the Bible. Less than one year later, he went to Bible College. During his last year of Bible College, Vance married his wife, Korelei. Vance graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Religion degree specializing in Christian ministry. After working for two years, Vance and his wife decided to move to Clearwater, Florida to work on a Biology degree. Vance attended Clearwater Christian College. Three years later, after completing his degree, Vance and his wife, Korelei packed up and headed back to Canada to start the Canadian charity called Creation Truth Ministries. Creation Truth Ministries, of which Vance is the Executive Director, was started in 2002. Vance credits much of his passion and knowledge to many of his mentors including Dr. Gary Parker, John Mackay, and Dr. Jonathan Henry. He knows that Christ is the ultimate one to be praised for redeeming him and allowing him to serve in this capacity. Vance and his wife now have three daughters: aged seventeen years, twelve years, and nine years old. Vance now travels all over the world doing research, writing, and speaking on the topic of Creation and its vital importance to the Christian faith. Vance has the ability to speak to children, university students, and adults alike with a passion to see unbelievers come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


  • Dire Dragons: The Missing Link in Dinosaur History
  • The Brief History of Mankind: Evidence For the Tower of Babel Dispersion

Linda Queiros

Linda Queiros

Linda and her husband, Paul, have been happily married for 31 years. They have homeschooled their 7 children, aged 8-25 years, from the beginning. "It is hardly ever easy but we are fully persuaded that it has been the best we can give our children". Linda and Paul live in Vernon, BC. They have 6 children still at home and one married daughter. The youngest member of the family is baby Jasmine, their first grandchild. The Queiros household stays busy with homeschooling, chores on their hobby farm, keeping hens, selling eggs, raising sheep, riding horses, and constantly working on projects.


  • Making and Keeping Appointments

Bev Rempel

Bev Rempel | Excellent Resources |

Beverley Rempel  is an IEW Accomplished Instructor and Master Teacher of the Blended Structure & Style program (by /Dr. J.B. Webster)  This is the highest level of certification possible through the Institute for Excellence in Writing. She is a successful business woman and a graduated homeschooling parent of 14 + years. With her husband Bryan, they own Excellent Resources.  In addition they have founded Webster’s Academy for Excellence in Writing, an online writing school offering live classes to students across North America. 

Bev is also the author and co-author of the Canadian Theme-Based Writing Lesson Series: All things Canada, History of Canada, and Neighbours with a Difference. Over the past number of years Bev has presented writing seminars, workshops and Professional Development courses across Canada.



  • Reaching Reluctant Writers the Write Way!

Sue Savard

Sue Savard | HCOS

Sue Savard is currently the Grad Program Director with Heritage Christian Online School and has worked with home educating families for 15 years. She has a passion for creating programs that ‘fit’ and is inspired when students and families are excited about their educational journey. She and her husband live in North Vancouver and she is blessed to have a large extended family to build memories with.


  • The New BCED Grad Program

Marie Sherwood

Marie Sherwood | Soul Harmony |

Marie Filion Sherwood possesses a Masters of Science in psychology and is currently working on her PhD. She has been working with trauma children for over 20 years and with horses for over 30 years. Her Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program is becoming increasingly more popular with homeschooled children. Marie specializes in helping children with behavioral, learning, and/or psychological issues. In particular, Marie uses the neuropsychology of the brain to help children learn and heal and for parents to understand where behavior is coming from. She feels the Lord has called her to infuse hope into parents and children alike. She enjoys spending time with her husband, four children, and, of course, her Curly Horses.


  • Depression During the Teen Years
  • Helping our Children Navigate their Identity Development

Richard Snyder

Richard Snyder | Malachi Man |

Richard is the founder and Executive Director of Malachi Man Ministries and part-time associate pastor at Bay Community Church of Comox BC. He spent 9 years training and working as a Professional Engineer before responding to the call of full-time ministry. After twelve years of youth and young adult ministry, Richard clearly recognized the crisis in Christian homes: most young adults are turning away from Christ due to a lack of discipleship. The Bible clearly places the primary responsibility of discipling our children, to maturity in Christ, on fathers. As a father of eight, Richard knows how challenging this is, he concludes, “us fathers need all the help we can get.” Richard launched Malachi Man in 2012 to encourage heart-level discipleship both inside and outside the home. Malachi Man seeks to encourage, equip, and empower fathers, sons, and young men to become Kingdom men who lead change in our land. Drawing from a range of practical and professional experiences, Richard relates well to men in all walks of life.


  • Homeschooling is Not the Answer; Authentic Discipleship Is.
  • Fathers, Let's Clarify the Mission and Get Equipped

Various Speakers

Various Speakers | |

Various speakers for highschool mini sessions.


  • High School Mini workshops 1
  • Online vs Individualized Grad Program Science
  • High School -Navigating the Stages of Faith Formation

Charlotte Stace

Charlotte Stace | HCOS

Greg and Charlotte Stace bring experience in psychometric testing, teaching, and working with a variety of developmentally challenged individuals to their work as Irlen screeners. After observing children experience immediate benefits from the Irlen Method, the Staces investigated further, and were trained as Irlen screeners. The Irlen Method allows people with this visual processing challenge to reach their academic potential.


  • A Piece of the Puzzle for Children with Learning Challenges

Peter Stock

Peter Stock | HSLDA |

Peter Stock is the President of the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada. For nearly a quarter century, Peter has been a successful pro-family leader and strategist in government, media, and public relations. His experience with public policy, from conception to implementation, naturally progressed into protecting and promoting home education. For over 10 years, Peter and his wife, Tarah, have homeschooled their four children. Peter shares the teaching responsibilities with his wife and ultimately understands the needs of HSLDA members.


  • Homeschool through High School
  • Threats to Home Education in Canada and Around the World

Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler | Apologia |

Zan Tyler was threatened with jail when she began homeschooling in 1984. For the next eight years she fought for homeschool freedom and good legislation in SC. In 1990, she founded the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools and served as its president for ten years. Her fight for homeschool freedom has led to her serve as the National Grassroots Director for ParentalRights.org, to advocate for homeschooling in the media (appearing on NBC’s Today Show) and at the nation’s capitol, and to write profusely about the benefits of homeschooling. Zan is the author of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential and speaks across the USA and around the globe to encourage homeschooling families. She currently serves as the Director of Language Arts, History, Bible, and Press for Apologia Educational Ministries, where her goal is to produce inspiring, challenging, biblically based resources and curriculum for homeschooling families. Zan was awarded the Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian honor given by the governor of South Carolina, and in 2014, she was presented with the Chris Klicka Award for her dedication and commitment to home education worldwide. She considers the twenty-one years she and her husband Joe spent homeschooling their own three children from kindergarten through high school to be the greatest privilege of her life. Zan enjoys traveling, reading, watching her adult children embark on the homeschooling journey, playing with her grandkids, and laughing hysterically with Joe wherever they go. Most important to Zan and Joe is that their children continue to love one another and all are seeking to serve and glorify Christ in their adult lives.


  • Keynote: Homeschooling - A Revival Movement
  • Ten Lessons I Learned on the Way to Jail
  • How God Uses Our Weaknesses and Limitations as Homeschool Moms
  • Seven Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential
  • Life in the Fiery Furnace: How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout
  • Keynote - The Inspiring Task of Raising Servant Leaders

Joe Tyler

Joe Tyler | Apologia |

Joe Tyler currently serves as the IT Director for Apologia Educational Minsistries. Prior to that, he spent thirty years in the corporate world as an information systems project manager. Joe and wife Zan have been married for forty years. They spent twenty-one years homeschooling their three children from kindergarten through high school. Joe has been deeply involved in the homeschooling movement, both through his own family and the homeschool community at large. He currently serves as the chairman of the board for the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools. The Tylers have been blessed with three children, two wonderful daughters-in-law, a fabulous son-in-law, and six grandchildren. Joe has a heart and passion for ministering to and serving homeschooling parents and families.


  • Leaving a Legacy: The Vision of the Homeschool Dad and Husband
  • Raising G-Rated Sons in an R-Rated World

Marika Van Dommelen

Marika Van Dommelen | Rick Hansen Foundation School Program |

Marika van Dommelen is a Program Coordinator of the Rick Hansen School Program team. As a person who grew up with her disability, she is passionate about helping educators support their students with disabilities to reach their full potential. Although she was born with Spina Bifida, Marika had a positive attitude and didn’t shy away from taking chances, always believing she could reach the many goals in life that she set for herself, including career, marriage and family. As an ex-para-athlete, Marika tries to stay in shape by wheeling or cycling. She is a published photographer and Certified Life Coach but of all her accomplishments, she is most proud of being a wife and a mother of a teenage son.


  • Inspire, Engage, Include - Tools to Teach Students about Accessibility and Inclusion

Ana Willis

Ana Willis

I’m Ana, a blessed homeschool mom of 3, wife, pastor, Certified Health Coach, mompreneur, and passionate homeschool blogger. I love to encourage, inspire, empower, and help homeschool moms to turn from stressed to blessed, one day at a time.


  • A Modern Charlotte Mason Homeschool. WWCD?
  • Created to Create